The Certainty Paradox

To embrace certainty, is to deny possibility.

But to deny certainty, is to deny possibility.



I have come to believe that denying certainty denies possibility. And that certainty is both undeniable and impossible at the same time. The concept of certainty even seems to shake the ground where a concept like possibility exists.

I already believe that anything is possible or within the realms of possibility – in this or other universes when no other absolute factors are introduced.

If one shares such a belief, and one takes no absolute for granted, then one automatically denies the existence of certainty (as if one were to state that Certainty is an unobtainable absolute). If one states such a belief, then one denies the possibility of such a concept as certainty. Because if certainty were to rightfully exist, then it would not be possible for this certainty to be broken or changed.

However, the possibility of certainty existing must rightfully exist, because it is possible, as anything is possible, no matter how remote the chances.

Please note that we are completely ignoring the patterns of probability here, as possibility and certainty are not constrained by such patterns.

Do you see what I mean? I hope this makes some sense on the other end.

Can you see a way out of this Paradox?



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