Smile now!

Smile Now!Although I wouldn’t want to necessarily perpetuate the idea that “long” or “short” is any real way to describe life – considering how abstract the concept of time is. Also with the consistently popular practice of dental hygiene keeping most of us from ever losing our teeth: You are statistically much more likely to still have your teeth well into old age compared with the chances your grandparents had.

I do however agree that we should smile while we still can. Smiling relaxes the facial muscles. If you don’t really feel like smiling, the great thing is you can consider it exercise or face yoga. See Sukshma Yoga. It’s kind of the same as a session at the gym… (Insert appropriately awkward emoticon here).

You may not ever lose your teeth and life could be long or short but you (or at least your body) will die, eventually. So smile now! Like it’s your last chance.


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