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This blog has been created to discuss spiritual, philosophical and scientific ideas in an open minded forum. This is an attempt to merge all knowledge into something tangible, useful and inspiring. Knowledge that we can all share in order to find what might be missing in our lives. In my experience, all conflict comes from lack of understanding. If we can all come to an understanding or even a rapport about our beliefs in God or Science, surely this would lead to a better understanding of each other and promote a more peaceful world in general. This may sound very idealistic but when we are all working together, we can solve any practical problem that might face humanity.

Who ever you ask, scientists, spiritualists, religious followers. Many will tell you that everything came from one thing, from one source, from one creator, from one energy. Some call this thing The Universe, some call it God, and Hindu culture calls it Brahman. And there are many other Labels. theonesubstance.com believes that regardless of what you prefer to call it. It is the same one thing that all these people are talking about. Many theoretical physicists will tell you that the Universe started with “The Big Bang” – all matter expanding into existing from one singular point of infinite density.

Here at theonesubstance.com, we believe that we are still that one source, energy, thing or substance. This stuff that permeates everything, permeates you and I. Christian Bible followers will tell you that God is within you. God is the name they have given to the ever-permeating stuff that makes up everything in the universe. We believe this has been somehow mis-interpreted as “God” being some separate entity to ourselves commanding from above. We are not separate, we are the same. Like the oceans and seas we are one body of water – individuated into oceans and seas by different names but still one body.

When I refer to theonesubstance.com I may refer to it as “we” or “us”. For although, at this stage, I am managing this web-space on my own, the ideas concepts and discussions within this space will be community driven. And as it seems to me, “we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively” – Bill Hicks. It makes sense to refer to this as our consciousness. Hence – “we” and “us”.

To tell you a little about “me” as an individual expression of the substance. I was born and grew up on the north island of New Zealand in the 1980’s. I lived in a town called Napier, in the province of Hawkes Bay. Ever since I was very young, maybe 4 or 5 years old – I have had an awareness of something, something which at the time, I could not describe. I would watch people and the world around me and be puzzled by my environment. It was as though I was viewing my environment instead of being a part of it. It felt like I was watching a television show. I could see the complexities of the relationships going on around me, but I didn’t feel like I could have any effect on those relationships. I guess the dilemma of being a child and having very little power to get people to take you seriously is something that all children have to battle with at some point. But it was at this stage that I realised, I was far from normal. I was quiet, and only really spoke when I felt like I had something important to say. Spending almost all of my time pondering the universe – I used to think I was shy but I think it was more that I didn’t know what to say to people if I didn’t have anything interesting that I could put into words at the time. Needless to say I have experienced many an awkward silence since the time I learnt to speak.

I am not affiliated with any particular organised religion. I am not Christian, nor Atheist nor Buddhist, nor Muslim, nor Hindu, nor have I any loyalties to any one set of beliefs. My philosophy is based on observation and experience and I would never attempt to understand the universe using just one piece of literature or teaching. I believe all knowledge comes to us with some truth and all sources should be considered.


I will be posting regularly with ideas and discussions. You will be able to like and comment on my posts. You will also be able to share my posts and subscribe to my blog so please do. I will also be posting the odd book review – we all love to read good knowledge. Please check back regularly, as the discussion will continue and we need your help to evolve this knowledge and reaffirm what is universal truth.


Thank you and Peace, Richard Gannon (Founder)

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