Death Brings New Life

sprout-life-imageJust a short post as my grandmother came to visit me in a dream recently. (She died more than a year ago). She told me that I had died. I realised that I must experience death before I can experience true life. (Don’t worry, there’s no need to be concerned for my safety). I believe it was a metaphor, as many things of this nature tend to be. The card labelled “Death” on the Tarot brings new life, growth and new beginnings.

By the end of the dream I realised what the message was. Life (on earth at least) is about realising that you are imperfect, in order to realise that you ARE perfection. Being vulnerable in order to realise that noting can touch you. Before you can realise that you are all powerful, you must be humble. You need to die in order to live, fall in order to rise, fail in order to succeed. Sometimes you need to make a mistake in order to find the way. The path to god requires you to be humble as well as vulnerable, flawed, imperfect and incomplete.

These and other paradoxes run all through the path to God.

Jesus often spoke in parables, ¬≠not because he wanted to confuse everyone. He spoke in this way because plain words do not move a man like a story can. Simple advice can easily get lost in a world of complication, where as a metaphor with no immediate explanation stays with a man until he is both ready to understand it and ready to act on the insight that exists within it. Insight is nothing without action. It is these paradoxes that stay with me. Even without sufficient language to describe them, ¬≠still their meaning is true and their message clear.



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