How To Save The World

woman-1262450_1920Many talk about “Saving the Planet”. The fact is, the earth will survive regardless of what you do on it. HOWEVER, in the interim, the earth (if we continue to treat it with disrespect) will certainly decide at some point to utterly destroy you, perhaps your entire family, neighbourhood, country or your species. What the earth needs, it will get and if it can no longer sustain itself then it will do away with you in a flash if needed. You can blame big corporations or governments or “the americans” or God, or whoever you like. But another fact is, preserving this beautiful home of ours is in your hands. Yes I’m talking to you.

Are you afraid? Don’t be afraid, be responsible. Pay attention to the choices you are making and make conscious decisions that will ease a bit of the pressure from the earth. If you want to avoid the premature extinction of your species then take action today. IT’S REALLY SUPER EASY.

Through the responsible choices of individuals and advancements in technology, it is easy to see the human race surviving well into future generations even with an increasing population.

For your own sake, take a look at this link (there are countless others) to see how you can make small, easy changes that will allow the earth to continue to supply you with what you need, and to allow it to support human life for much, much longer.

My personal tips
1. Stop buying stuff you don’t need.
The global consumerist culture causes massive pressure on our ecosystems through deforestation, pollution of our waterways and our only atmosphere.
2. Recycle or Re-use
3. Minimise water use.
4. Plant trees, don’t cut them.
Trees produce your oxygen, we have only 3 large rain forests left on earth which are being rapidly cleared to produce products that you buy and don’t need. Go easy on the trees.
5. Minimise paper usage.
Recycle it. Only buy 100% recycled toilet paper (You’re only going to be wiping poo onto it, why use a brand new tree?)
6. Turn off your TV.
By watching broadcast television, you are exposing yourself to constant advertising. This causes you to go out and buy more stuff that you don’t need.
7. Avoid eating Beef or products containing it.
This may sound like a difficult change but the amount of land that is cleared and used to grow feed for cows is absolutely incredible. You can grow vegetables or other livestock on the same land and produce many times more food on that same plot. You can look up the stats yourself. Choose free range chicken or sustainably caught fish instead. (Or just avoid eating meat)
8. Learn to cook or use your home kitchen.
Buying fresh food and cooking at home not only saves on packaging, money and waste but is also much healthier for you.
9. Stop buying products from companies that are not making responsible decisions.
Especially products that contain Palm Oil. Palm Oil production has devastated rain forrest areas in Malaysia and Indonesia, has cause megatons of pollution and displaced or destroyed native wildlife and human cultures. Many companies continue to source unsustainable Palm Oil supplies. Check the ingredients on your packaging.
10. Don’t be a dick.

That’s all for now.

It seems likely that there will come a time in your life when you will be forced to make these changes as a matter of immediate survival. Take responsibility for your choices today.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Love from The Earth.

7.5 billion of us and counting.


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